Seven reasons to take visuality seriously – and to exploit it

Our environment is becoming more visual every day. In the midst of urgency it is good to recall the most significant effects of visuality.


1. For different audiences

7044airport_signs kopio

Visual presentations overstep cultural and language boundaries. Symbols can be used to express ambiguous messages despite where the observer comes from. One good example of this are the sign systems at airports.

2. Speed

stop_arabic kopio

Traffic signs have been designed to inform drivers in seconds. Same amount of information would be impossible to receive in text.

3. Economy

Visual presentations save space and money. Due to the effectiveness of visuality there is no need to repeat the message that often.

4. Emotionality


Photographs and videos are – along with music – the most powerful way to create emotional impressions. Also ideologies and political movements have always understood to utilize symbols in their propaganda. Today emojs are used to give the texts the right mood.

5. Clarity

data visualization-2

The explosive growth of data has created problems in utilizing it. Visual presentations can help scientists, students, decision makers and consumers to understand the big picture and what information is relevant.

6. Reliability

Näyttökuva 2015-12-07 kello 9.29.59

Usually the receiver rates the message more reliable if e.g. the presentation has been done carefully. A clear lay-out, suitable typography, clarifying images and pleasant use of colours tells that the sender of the message has been studied the subject properly.

7. Efficiency


According to studies man remembers 10% of what one has read, 20% of what one has heard and 80% of what one has seen.

That’s why visuality makes sense.


Tekijä Heikki Nuutinen

Art Director, tutkija, yrittäjä, TaM


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